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The Market for Lemons

The Market for Lemons is an economic theory founded by George Akerlof. The premise of the theory is that there is asymmetry of information in the second-hand market. Ergo, the seller always has more information than the buyer, as such there is great uncertainty in the second-hand market. Whilst Akerlof based his theory on the second-hand car market, here at the Retro Game Shack, we found it to be just as prominent in video games.

As passionate retro gamers, we used to spend hours searching through un-reliable and ultimately disappointing retro video game stores. We decided that the standard wasn't good enough. Our goal was to remove the uncertainty from the second-hand market. Using our tried and tested procedures, we take the risk out of buying and selling retro video games online, providing transparency and quality throughout.

Let us squash the Market for Lemons in the retro video game industry.

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